Cesc Fabregas Talks up Arsenal Youngsters

Cesc Fabregas has talked up the potential of the youngsters of Arsenal after their 6-0 thrashing of Sheffield United in the Carling Cup.

Speaking to FourFourTwo.com he said of Theo Walcott:

“Confidence is so important in football it’s unbelievable, he (Theo) is the same player, but with maybe 300 times more confidence and that makes a really big change.

“Football is nearly 80 percent in your mind. You can have the talent but if you don’t have the head you will go no where, but Theo has got both.”

“With the confidence he has now got he could be nearly unstoppable. He makes his runs really well and as soon as he starts making the right decisions – when he can pass, when he can dribble – I think he will probably be one of the best players in the world in three years.”

Jack Wilshere:
Jack is a first team player now. Even for someone so young he is training with us everyday and is in the squad most of the time. Mark Randall and Fran Merida train with us as well – their potential is massive.

I think Jack is serious guy, he doesn’t talk a lot, he really knows what he wants and he is not scared of anything and I really like that.

How does this crop of young players compare to your previous years at the club?
They are probably the best young generation Arsenal have had since I have been here. When I arrived they were a bit older – some of the players were 21, 22, 23 – these ones are 15, 16, 17. They are superb.

They can play against Sheffield United and score six goals without conceding. I think they will be top players, of course not all of them will make it at Arsenal, because there are so many quality players and there are only 11 places in the team, but I am sure all of them will play in the Premier League.

What are the differences between Barcelona’s and Arsenal’s academies?
I only spent one year at the Arsenal academy and I was training with the first team almost all of the time. I didn’t really work as an academy guy for Arsenal, but I see the reserves team play and I trained with them for a while when I was 16 and now sometimes when you are injured you’ll train with them on a Saturday.

The coach is fantastic and doing a really good job. You can see the players really enjoying playing together and they work really hard. The good thing about them is they get on really well with each other, they are the same age, they go out together, they are really good friends and that helps a lot.

The rest of this interview can be found here: http://fourfourtwo.com/interviews/webexclusives/170/article.aspx

On another curious note Cesc Fabregas has been taking French lessons in recent years in order to learn to speak the three most important languages in the world – English, French and Spanish. This is not to be confused with the amount of French players etc.


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