The Misunderstanding of Gerrard and Lampard

The Gerrard and Lampard situation looks like finally it has been sorted by Fabio Capello, seemingly putting to rest the debate on how best to accommodate the two. The problem argued was that the two were too similar as they both preferred to attack and do their best work around the box, affecting each others influence. That in fact is untrue.

Lampard is a classical central midfielder who likes to link up play from deeper and break forward late into the box. Gerrard on the other hand is more attacking and prefers to receive the ball in the centre and make things happen in the final third. An article from BBC Sport best portrays the style of play from the two midfielders.

Picture from BBC Sport

The graphic displays the difference between the two. Lampard prefers as mentioned to link up deeper and mainly in the middle while Gerrard from the centre upwards. The inclusion of Rooney and Heskey are key to allowing the two to play. Perhaps their is scope for the two to play in the centre but Lampard deeper because of his superior positional play as shown against Belarus. In a 4-3-3 there is maybe more chance of the two interferring with each other’s play because both will play more centrally while Barry will pick the ball up deeper. The flexible 4-4-2 formation played yesterday was predicted by the Arsenal Column and adds more balance to the side.


Fabregas’ frustration at Arsenal’s performances this season continued as he stated the Gunners are to inexperienced also mentioning the impact of losing key players.

“Our squad is a bit short on numbers and we are very young,” admitted the 21-year-old Spaniard. “Behind me there is Denilson, who is 20, or Alex Song who is 21. Theo Walcott is 19 and Samir Nasri 21. It’s hard to imagine a midfield where I am the oldest member. We find it very hard to win matches, as we do not possess enough experience.

“I scored 13 goals last season but then I had plenty of allies. Tomas Rosicky (injured) was around, Mathieu Flamini (now at Milan) covered every blade of grass and Alexander Hleb (who went to Barcelona in the summer) was like a brother to me out there. The team played with a lot of skilful touches, we were as solid as a brick wall and our opponents would not get a look in.

“Now none of those players are in the side and I feel like a rare being. We are more defensive-minded and sturdy as a team but we don’t play so much skilful stuff.”

This is bad news for Wenger and Arsenal fans as the sight of losing our star player in the near future is unthinkable at the moment.


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