Arsenal Average Touch Positions v Everton

Arsenal’s average touch positions for each individual player against Everton displays some interesting points.

Most notable is the gap between Van Persie (11) and Adebayor (25). Adebayor is usually the striker that plays furthest forward, sometimes on the last defender while Van Persie prefers to drop deeper. Against Everton the Dutchman played very close to the midfielders while Adebayor was very much isolated. The Togolese man did put some hard work in at times but as a whole he wasn’t as effective enough either in his link up or getting into goal scoring opportunities. In fact he looked a bit desperate to get a goal. Let’s not get too negative about Adebayor’s performance as the last month he played well and is unlucky to have only scored 3 league goals this season.

Chelsea and Man United Average Touch Map: Anelka (39) and Berbatov (9)

If you compare this to Chelsea and Manchester United you see a difference in their play. The midfielders are closer to the main striker, as they look to bring players in by their hold up and link up play. (Berbatov 9 and Anelka 39, are the central strikers in this case) Adebayor does the same (as mentioned in in this article) but higher up. This means it would be harder for the midfielders to get closer to him when he has the ball as they are further behind.

Maybe Adebayor should drop deeper more frequently to get nearer to the midfielders and allow them to advance past him more. The Manchester United touch map shows Rooney who is the second striker (similar to Van Persie) touching the ball more higher up the pitch as a result of Berbatov’s link up play. Of course as mentioned in a previous article, ‘The Invincibles’ used to do this quite frequently playing with similar players currently at Arsenal (Adebayor higher up like Henry, Van Persie deeper like Bergkamp).

I don’t want to just focus on Adebayor; Van Persie could provide this link up at a deeper part of the pitch while the others could advance and play the ball the Adebayor.

Do you agree? or is there nothing wrong Adebayor’s play? Let me know…


7 thoughts on “Arsenal Average Touch Positions v Everton

  1. Fantastic stuff mate, it is interesting, I think that if we had Diaby in the team we might see the midfield pushing up more – we need a midfielder who acan win the ball before it gets into our half – then we can puch forward more.

    Would be interesting to see one for last season.

    Where did you get them?

  2. Hi James. I got them from one of the worst newspapers: Score from NOTW (I found on the bus, I don’t buy it, honestly). They in turn got stats from Actim I think.
    They only do it every week after the match which is a shame, as they have to buy them every week from Actim.
    I would like to do this every week or something during the tactical view but that depends if I get the paper!
    But it is interesting to see the different playing styles and try to figure out any weaknesses and strengths.

  3. Never heard of it before but looks good. It’s hard to find stats of any sort so thats good. Also nice to compare with last season. See what’s changed. Thanks

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