Fenerbahce 2-5 Arsenal: Tactical View

Arsenal put five past Fenerbahce in a record equaling night in the Champions League where 36 goals were scored in 8 games. However that record could have been broken had Almunia not been on the top of his game denying the Turkish side on a number of occasions.

The Positives- Movement and Speed

Let’s start what with Arsenal did well. The movement when The Gunners attacked was too good, especially on the counter where they could break in numbers. Walcott, Diaby and Adebayor had the Fenerbahce defense scared every time they received the ball because of their speed and power. They caused indecision as the defense didn’t know who or where to challenge, backing off at times.

The formation Arsene Wenger started with allowed Diaby to play right up with Adebayor and at goal kicks to add height. He was detailed to drop deeper when the team had to defend. Walcott was also given the freedom to come closer to Adebayor and get behind the defense with his pace. The five man midfield allowed The Gunners to pass in triangles, always providing an option either side of the possessor of the ball.

Cesc Fabregas had options always to his right and left. Walcott's run came from the right side of the field however Adebayor was the one who recieved the ball to score highlighting the number of options

The Negatives- Indecision, high line and lack of pressure

From the good we move on to the bad and ugly. As mentioned at the beginning had it not been to the heroics of Almunia Arsenal may well have been looking at a 5-5 draw. Yes the Gunners had a makeshift defense but it is not alien to any of them. Maybe as all, apart from Clichy had not played there for a while could be a decent excuse. Silvestre had a shocker, who meant to be the tall, header of the ball defender Arsenal have been looking for is not good enough though as mentioned he has been injured for quite a while.

Daniel Guiza, La Liga’s top scorer last year was a thorn in the defense with his running behind the defense and maybe should have got a couple more goals. It is important not to just blame the defense; there was a lack of pressure from midfield which the Gunners are yet to be tested on this season. Couple this with indecision and a high line was invariably going to gift chances to the Fenerbahce forwards. The high line played required great positional and anticipation which was lacking.

This is an example where there was a distinct lack of pressure from the midield. There are four men around the attacker yet no one to tackle. This leads to the defender concentrating more on this rather than what is around him. The ball finds it's way to Guiza from Alex and he has a good chance.
This is another example, Guiza receiving the ball from Sahin with next to no pressure, making Silvestre break forward leaving a gap for the Spaniard to run into.
Fenerbahce Team Statistics Arsenal
2 Goals 5
1 1st Half Goals 3
7 Shots on Target 6
8 Shots off Target 3
6 Blocked Shots 3
1 Corners 1
17 Fouls 8
8 Offsides 7
3 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
82.3 Passing Success 80.7
32 Tackles 19
78.1 Tackles Success 78.9
48.3 Possession 51.7
40.5 Territorial Advantage 59.5

3 thoughts on “Fenerbahce 2-5 Arsenal: Tactical View

  1. Excellent analysis. Almunia’s “training match” comment was insightful because the game was quite simple. Arsenal’s strategy: Attack at pace. Fenernbahce’s: Attack at speed.

  2. very good analysis. you are right, despite there being 3 in central midfield, none of them were playing a pressing role. it meant fener could get the ball forward quickly on the counter attack and we rarely had the midfielders behind the ball in these situations. the long ball was causing problems because the defence was playing too high up the pitch, but without pace to recover its a dangerous game. a team like chelsea or man u would defend far better AND take their chances against that sort of set up. basically the answer is to have a proper sitting midfielder rather than 3 attacking midfielders. so Song or Djourou in midfield with Cesc and Diaby say. then to replace Song with Gallas at the back and it should make a big difference. the jury is still out on Silvestre.

  3. Thanks guys. One of the worst things as fans is if your team is letting in goals. This will affect our attacking play if we can’t defend. I hate to sound negative, I just want to improve on this side.
    Silvestre jury is defo still out, maybe needs fitness or someone like gallas.

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