Where is Diaby Going to Play? + Gallas with Cigarette

Abou Diaby’s comeback from injury gives us the chance to finally see the Frenchman playing in the position we have been waiting some time for.

When Diaby was signed he was signaled as the ‘New Patrick Vieira’ but injuries have mainly limited his chances as has competition in his position but with Flamini’s and Gilberto’s exit, a gap has opened up for someone to claim the position as their own.

Against Fenerbahce, Diaby played as a support striker adding to his armoury of the positions he can play having been deployed as a left winger last season. He showed great composure, dribbling, vision and strength to name a few in only his first start this season. After two months out, the Frenchman hadn’t played more than 10 minutes beforehand but gave a performance attacking wise as if he hadn’been out for more than 10 minutes.

For the first goal, Diaby tackled the ball off the Fenerbahce man in possession, beating two men before passing the ball to Fabregas who set up Adebayor. This showed a glimpse of both sides of his game but because of a lack of fitness it would have been hard to judge him defensively. The talent is certainly there; his strength and presence are his obvious qualities but has he got the tactical awareness (i.e. marking and positioning) and discipline to play as the second central midfielder? Is he ready to give up his attacking instincts at times to allow Arsenal to play? (We say second central midfielder as whoever plays doesn’t necessarily have to be a defensive midfielder who stays back at all times).

Is he suited to the 4-4-2 or is a 4-5-1 a better formation for the Frenchman?

Denilson currently occupies that role as the partner to Fabregas but defensively work still needs to be done.We at Arsenal Column have been his harshest critic we must say, but the man is only 20 and the improvements he has so far made have been superb. He has identified what areas he needs to work on while Arsene Wenger has pinpointed marking as an area on which to concentrate. Such an important position may be a bit too early for Denilson but if he keeps on getting better then there is not doubt he can become better than Flamini.


Here’s the picture of Gallas with an unlit cigarette at the wheel of his car. Say what you say about it.


7 thoughts on “Where is Diaby Going to Play? + Gallas with Cigarette

  1. This doesn’t mean Gallas is a bad captain, but he needs to take responsibility for his actions since he’s in the public eye, especially as a lot of young fans follow Arsenal. Seeing this picture may influence young minds to also act without consideration for others and the general public.

  2. I rate Denilson highly as an attacking midfielder, but I feel he is too similar to play alongside Fabregas currently, as he tends to assume his position of dictating the game, and thus forces the Spaniard further up field; potentially isolating him.

    For me, the Fener game highlighted how dysfunctional we are without Song in midfield. We simply had no-one to press the opposition and break down play.

    Due to this, I like the idea of a 433. Alex Song could sit deep in the holding role, break down play, drop back into defence if needed, and combat against the aerial ball; Fabregas could assume the playmaking responsibilities; whilst Diaby could provide much needed directness into midfield.

    This would provide a good combination and a good balance in midfield. And due to the age of the aforementioned players, could form a formidabble core to the side for years to come.

  3. I feel 4-3-3 is going to be a formation that would be used depending on the opponents.
    4-4-2 will be our main tactic and lets see if Diaby has the discipline and the tactical know how to play in this position.

  4. I don’t think Gallas is the only player that smokes.
    I saw a picture of Rooney smoking before, and i think many players do. I just wander if gallas will be in Arsenal’s starting XI tommorow.

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