More Long Shots Please

Shooting from range does not only bring goals

Many people accuse the Gunners of not taking enough long range shots; instead choosing to pass the ball around the box looking to play the killer pass and walk the ball into the net.

Shooting doesn’t seem to be a big problem at Arsenal this season having taken 130 shots, the most in the Premiership prior to the West Ham game, but only scoring 16. If you analyse the shots missed the scoring rate (12%) should be higher as easy chances have been missed. Shooting from range can bring this figure up and break down stubborn teams who look to park the defense in front of the box.

However this is not the only point I am trying to make. There is an interesting bit regarding Frank Lampard and why he shoots so often on the Guillem Balague website .

Some people say Frank shoots too often, but he says he does it to force a defender to come and block him. If they don’t, he has a crack and if they do, then he can slip in a forward in the vacant space.

It is so simple. Instead just trying to force open a team, Cesc Fabregas and co should adopt a similar strategy more often. The defenders’ mind, for a split second will be that a shot is going to be delivered their way, drawing them out and creating space. They can then slip the ball in or go ahead with the shot. Cesc Fabregas executed this against Blackburn twice this season, resisting the shot and instead chipping the ball over the defence to create chances.

I know this is a simple point but which could lead to better things. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “More Long Shots Please

  1. That’s a good point. I’ve always said we need more directness, but I guess that doesn’t solely refer to running at players with the ball.

    I think when Rosicky returns – someone proven from range – we will be far more effective against sides that ‘Park the bus’.

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