Gallas Stripped of Captaincy: The Right Decision?

Reports coming in say that Gallas is to be stripped of his captaincy AND has been left out of the squad to play Manchester City altogether. Rumours were abound of such outcome but it still comes as a shock it has been acted on so quickly.

One would question the timing of such a decision. It is understood Wenger and Gallas had a meeting last eveining so there must be some seriousness about this issue. Wenger may not have liked the fact Gallas talked to the public or that there is an underlying problem that we don’t know outside the club but will hopefully be clarified soon.

The other question is was Gallas the problem or the player in question? Maybe the meeting intensified issues and Gallas was unhappy. Judging from his interview, he tried to sort the problem out but was insulted.

Arsene Wenger has stressed the unity and team spirit of the Arsenal team but somewhere there seems to be a flawed understanding of that in the club. Maybe there is a lack of professionalism as they are mainly young players, experience perhaps or just too personal in their views?

Gallas used the word ‘us’ in that same interview. That could mean he was referring to the team as a whole or that their are subgroups from which the member is referring to.

Actually what Gallas said is nothing wrong, it’s that he said it to the press and public. These views should have been a matter to be resolved within the club . What a joke everyone must think the club is becoming; throwing at least fourt place, Gallas’ petulance at Birmingham and Cigarrete-gate, Bendtner and Adebayor fighting on the pitch.

I don’t think Gallas should have been stripped of the captaincy but maybe a chance now for a new start. But what about for William Gallas? Would he like not being the main player anymore as he had the biggest authority before?

Let’s just sort this mess out as quick as possible and let the football do the talking.


2 thoughts on “Gallas Stripped of Captaincy: The Right Decision?

  1. I see people have voted for Clichy as captain thus far. As much as I love Clichy, I don’t believe he is right for the job.

    Remember, he is still prone to the occassional error in concentration and communication – I am not talking about the slip, but allowing people to stay onside against Fener for example. In addition to this, it is reported that he was close to tears and inconsolable after the Tottenham slip. Of course, this highlights his passion for the club, but is also indicative that he may not yet be the sort of player who is able to lift the spirits of the team when needed.

    While he hasn’t been at the club very long, I think Bacary Sagna could do the role. He, like Clichy, is a stalwart in the side, yet shows incredibly maturity. Remember when he returned after his brother’s death? In his first game against AC Milan, he put in a sterling performances and showed great focus. As well as this, in the Birmingham game shortly after, he put his feelings aside and looked to console his teammates after a disappointing defeat.

    I suspect Almunia will be given the role however.

  2. Hi DaStuDawg. I’m not happy at this news. It could have been handled in a more professional manner by Gallas but something must have gone wrong for him to resign or be stripped. I don’t think he was stripped but more likely resigned. Hopefully they ended in good terms and he will play to 100% for Arsenal in the future.
    As 4 the captaincy it needs to go to someone respected. Fabregas is that but his qualities in leadership is small but he can grow. Almunia or Toure for me but the latter is not guaranteed a place. Clichy could be a future captain.

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