Arsene Wenger Named France Coach of the Year

Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal side might be fifth in the Premier League and with an outside chance of winning the title but that didn’t stop the Frenchman being awarded France Football’s Coach of the Year award for the first time in his career.

In a panel composed of his fellow coaches it was the Arsenal manager who came top, beating Laurent Blanc for the award from the respected French magazine. Rather than the performances this season, the accolade was given for the club’s passing football that nearly won them the Premier League title last season.

“I admit that [I am surprised I won it],” Wenger told France Football. “I have lived a year in which there have been pronounced highs and lows. I am very flattered to have been the choice of my peers.”

“Everything is still very positive for me because of the pleasure that people who love football take from our games,” he explained. “The reward I have received is a reward for my players, who give pleasure to those who love the game.”

The full interview can be found in France Football magazine.

The results 2008
1. Arsène Wenger (Arsenal), 73 points
2. Laurent Blanc (Bordeaux), 62 pts
3. Frederic Antonetti (Nice), 56 pts
Claude Puel (Lille and Lyon), 56 pts
5. Alain Perrin (Lyon and Saint-Etienne), 45 pts
6. Rudi Garcia (Le Mans and Lille), 23 pts
7. Guy Lacombe (Rennes), 16 pts
8. Christian Gourcuff (Lorient), 7 pts
9. Franck Dumas (Caen), 6 pts
Philippe Montania (Boulogne-sur-Mer), 6 pts
Denis Renaud (Carquefou), 6 pts
12. Mecha Bazdarevic (Grenoble), 5 pts
13. Stéphane Le Mignani (Vannes), 4 pts
Pablo Correa (Nancy) and Jean-Marc Nobilo (Le Havre) the list of the 15 nominated have received any points.


4 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger Named France Coach of the Year

  1. Damn, that must be an awful year to be a French manager. I love Le Boss, but he’s had a right nightmare this year. Even Raymond “Mystic Meg” Domenech was more deserving, at least he had comedy value.

    Hopefully, Monsieur Wenger will sort himself out to make 2009 a better year…and there’s no better time to start than January 1st with the signing of Xabi Alonso!!!

  2. Do you know what year this award was first introduced? It just seems interesting that he received it last season, as opposed to the seasons of 97/98, 01/02 and 03/04.

  3. It’s been going since 1971. There are some top French managers who are not were not managing/retired/not doing as well last year such as santini, deschamps, houllier, le guen so the standard may have slightly dropped from previous years. Anyway it is still surprising to see him win it for the first time. Especially losing out to Le Guen in 04.

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