A player to be signed but how much money do Arsenal have?

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that he is looking to bring a player of quality in what seems to be a creative midfielder. With Arshavin mooted as a possible signing do Arsenal have the finances to sign such a player?


With Fabregas out the Gunners looked creatively short though that could also be attributed in due part to Portsmouth and tiredness. Talking to Sky Sports Arsene Wenger said:

Well I cannot deny we are thin at the moment and we are looking of course, but it is not only just to buy a player but when we go out there we want to get someone that gets something out of the team and that’s our purpose.

On Arshavin: I don’t want to talk about names, we try to look for quality.

The news may have been music to many Arsenal fans’ ears but apart from Manchester City, Premiership clubs aren’t expected to spend a lot this January.

Arsenal, Tottenham and West Brom are the only clubs to have made a profit last financial year with the Gunners club also in £416m in debt. This means Arsenal owe more than they actually have. The loans taken out were to finance the building of the stadium and property (which the plc are still selling and developing) meaning the club will be in debt for quite a while.


  • Profit before tax £36.7m
  • Debts £416m
  • Interest payable £26m

Without foreign owners who invest personally into the club unlike other Premiership teams it would be unreasonable to further put the club in debt while the situation is still not certain. Of course money is available though the amount is not certain and thought not to be large and if more is required almost certainly going to have to come from an overdraft.

“I know how much money I can spend and I will try to do it in a wise way.I think it will be quiet [this year] because most of the clubs have no money. Except Man City.”

“I think this season Manchester City will not come back to fight for it [the title] but you know my opinion about that and I think that clubs should live on their natural resources.”

A wide player in the mold of such Wenger type wingers or a central midfielder is most likely, though considering todays match it will probably be the former. Wenger seemed to acknowledge the wide area is not as well utilised as it could be, playing Vela and Bendtner on the left; the Mexican showing what was required. A central defender has been called for by some fans after seemingly being vulnerable against Villa however this threat could be lessened as there is an inability to retain possession for longer periods, denying pressure on the backline.

Clubs will be unwilling to sell and the best cup tied making the job of finding a quality player even harder. Arsene Wenger and his scouts will be looking to unearth another gem in the next month with France, South America and Eastern Europe areas that could provide this although the latter two will require work permits.

Some recommendations include Hernanes of Sau Paolo (creative midfielder), Ever Bangega on loan at Atletico Madrid who was once subject to a bid from Milan to replace Gatusso and is also a good passer. Darijo Srna could be a wishful recommendation and is also cup tied but is another very good player. No matter, fans should not expect a big name signing as the club is not full of money but as the team is young and therefore will improve, Wenger may take a gamble which may leave fans pleasantly surprised.


6 thoughts on “A player to be signed but how much money do Arsenal have?

  1. am Fan to gunners from Rwanda in Africa

    but we have been realy disappointed with way our team is losing. With this transfer window however, we have a hope that arsenal manager will bring a new change. we expect to buy 2 wingers, 2 central defenders and 1 striker please
    thank you

  2. Not only is Arsenal in dire need of some fresh players but there is something just not right going on at the Emirates. You see it with Chelsea and their woeful home games but I think a striker like Arshavin would come at a price even if he’s brilliant. Wenger has proven what he can do with young guns to turn them into stars, like he did with Fabregas and Thierry Henry, but I think something else is required as the game advances and progresses. PLaying the beautiful game that Arsenal favors has taken Barcelona far indeed, but what is the differeence between the two? Certainly the caliber and experience of the Barca players is a huge factor.


    PATIENCE is the watchword if u’re a true gooners fan..personally i think in no distant time we wud begin to reap the fruits of Wengers’ policy/policies..

    PLEASE arsenal fans be PATIENT.. We all know wat other fans of other clubs tells us , dat we always shop for 14/15/16/17 yrs old players..but i believe we wud get 2 the top sooonest.

    Some felllas might dislike me for heaping praises on WENGER..but i know TIME wud tell.

    Keep SUPPORTING till something great happens.

    Love u all faithful fans.

  4. Patience is what I wanted but then all the other blogs started speculating and recommending any players regardless of their quality. We were improving in the last few games (6 unbeaten) but the injuries are mounting up. We don’t want to slip up and thats ultimately where the fans displeasure is coming from. Hope he gets a rabbit out of the hat.

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