Kolo Toure transfer request rejected

With the transfer window just a few hours old, reports claim Kolo Toure has handed in a transfer request.

Fulhams' Bobby Zamora (r) and Arsenal's Kolo Toure battle for the ball

Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has revealed Kolo Toure has handed in a transfer request which will be rejected. Speaking to the Daily Star (not the best source, but has a quote) he said:

“I know about it (the transfer request),” Hill-Wood said. “But we are not going to accept it.

“We are not looking to let any of our players go and he is under contract – and we expect him to honour it.”

The Ivorian has been linked to Manchester City amid rumours of unrest with William Gallas and not being able to force his way back into the first team. Toure partnered Gallas against Aston Villa and showed his commitment but was dropped at Portsmouth due to the aerial threat of Peter Crouch.

After suffering from a bout of Malaria during the last African Cup of Nations, Kolo Toure has looked slightly off the pace after a great start to the season 2007/08 partnering Gallas. Arsene Wenger will be reluctant to let him go as he has thin cover in defence but an option would be to put Song back in defence position as cover while still going ahead in buying one or two midfielders. The Ivorian still has undoubted quality and was part of the Invicibles squad while his mobility is a huge plus in today’s game.


6 thoughts on “Kolo Toure transfer request rejected

  1. this looks like a very very sad ending for kolo. One of the most committed players to arsenal I have ever seen and although off form at the moment is a top top defender. I genuinely thought that he would go on to win lots of medals with us and become an all time legend. sadly its not looking that way. if he does go then farewell kolo and us gooners wish u all the best!

  2. I would like move Kolo to midfield, his energy and strength could be just what our midfield need. Wenger obviously does not believe that he could do a job there otherwise we would have seen the conversion already.

  3. We don’t know exactly why he wants to leave, but those ‘supporters’ who booed his ‘little brother’ Eboue clearly haven’t helped. Kolo is Arsenal through and through and I’d hate him to leave. It hasn’t been mentioned much but he did have malaria in the summer and hasn’t looked quite the same player yet this season…. perhaps he hasn’t fully recovered from its effects. I just hope he comes back stronger (and in the Arsenal shirt)

  4. I would hate to see Kolo Toure leave . He has been a great player and always has the killer spirit that so many of the arsenal players lack. But that said,he is not the part of the best defensive pairing for Arsenal this season. Djourou-Gallas partnership has by far been the best partbership. I understand where the frustration for Kolo comes from. This season has not been great and he has a younger , arguably better defender breathing down his neck. Sooner or later Wenger will let him go and i hope it will be more than the 10 mil pounds quoted in many papers. Coz he is sure worth more than the money for us Arsenal fans.

  5. Well,apart from the apparent lack of quality, we’ve got dressing room issues. Which need to be resolved ASAP.
    Gallas losing captaincy for his comments and now his falling out with Toure.
    Wouldn’t it be easier if we sold Gallas, who is definitely past his prime and kept Toure??
    We need another CB,reports of Wenger being interested in Juve’s Chiellini had surfaced it has burned out of late it seems.
    We need an attacking midfielder and a holding midfielder.Denilson cannot shoulder the responsibility and Song’s not good enough even for Plymouth(no disrespect).Diaby has got loads of talent.If only he would improve.I hope he does.

  6. wouldn’t make sence if we sell toure..
    sell toure -> new cb
    gallas is leaving arsenal 100% in teh summer -> new cb again..
    just sell gallas..
    but he has played good..

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