Falling pound may affect January transfers

The rate of the pound drops, Given and Hangeland are not needed while Van Persie and Nasri show their class.


1. The falling rate of sterling against the euro could affect Arsenal’s transfer dealings in the January transfer window. The pound has dropped around 18 per cent against the euro and with also South American clubs quoting player valuations in dollar and euros, it is not just the EU zone signings that it will affect. This means a player like Nasri who was signed for £12.7m in the summer may cost £3million more if he was signed now, similarly such European clubs will be sniffing around England for a bargain.

This may increase the chances of more signings between domestic clubs and in the short term a better focus on the players the clubs have currently (homegrown talent). The biggest affect this may have is on wages; if a player earning €50,000 a week from a European league is offered the same amount in pounds, this will actually mean they are getting 20% less.
Champions League revenue will also drop as this season as this money is paid out in Swiss Franc.

Of course as Arsene Wenger is an economist, him and his associates will have been well aware of the drop in rate and will have no doubt entered the market prepared for this. However in the current economic situation it is recommended to stay sensible especially if things take a turn for the worse.

2. Arsenal have been linked to Shay Given and Brede Hangeland recently which was no more than paper talk proving the transfer window is becoming much of a nuisance. However the two players, if the rumours were true, would find it hard to fit in to the style of play. Brade Hangeland pace may become suspect playing with a high line which considering the club’s passing football and the relative domination of matches, is demanded. Although he is a good player,  Fulham they usually play a deeper line of defence where this will be found out less.

The high line would also affect Given as he is not the quickest off his line and although his shotstopping is probably the best in the league, it could lead him to more one on one situations. The amount to saves top level goalkeepers have to make week in week out in the league is considerably less with Almunia tested more on his rushing out, command of area, kicking and anticipation.

3. The win at Plymouth still raised more questions than answers at Arsenal about the players they have currently. Does Diaby have the desire and work rate to play central midfield? The Frenchman looked like he had the ability to make something happen but spent half his time on the edge of the circle. However Van Persie and Nasri look on top form, the latter playing in the hole. His dribbling ability shows there is more he can offer on the left and in time can make a similar impact to Pires.


6 thoughts on “Falling pound may affect January transfers

  1. Yes agree we do need a solid defence two new centre backs would be good
    A holding midfielder
    Nasari looks a far better player with a free role through the middle Wenger must see this and give Vela a run of games on the left

  2. About wages: you say a player earning 50k Euros a week would earn 20% if paid £50k per week. Thats not quite true – they would earn almost the same value as pound to euro is almost 1:1, but the £50k would have been worth more before..
    Interesting article, this could be a quiet january – but if Man City pump money in we could see smaller clubs strengthening.

  3. RE: James Gillesp- Sorry, yes you’re correct. Sometimes typing in and what’s in your head, you go wrong. It will be a quiet January in terms of big transfer though and we may see more smaller transfers and loans. With respect to Tottenham and Man City I don’t expect much but like you say Man City could be funding the rest of the league.

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