Why Ronaldo deserves the award that makes no sense

Cristiano Ronaldo has been crowned the World Player of the Year, making him the first footballer playing in the Premier League to win the award. There is no doubt he deserved the award but is it based on this season or the last?


Being No.1 in the world against what are some great players is always a fantastic achievement and after his 42 goal season last year, is the deserved recipient of the prize. However this season he hasn’t hit the same heights although he has been one of United’s best players in a season where his team haven’t also been the same.

The next four on the list compromise of Messi, Torres, Kaka and Xavi. A great selection of players but have they really been the best players of the year which spans two half seasons? Barcelona had a disappointing second half of 2007/08 but a brilliant first half of 2008/09.

Lionel Messi has been in unstoppable form for the Catalan club, creating and scoring goals for fun however had a inconsistent last season through injuries. Xavi didn’t fare much better last season but has gone from strength to strength after the Euro’s where it seemed no one could decide who was the best player in the tournament.

Then we have Torres who had a good last season and the summer but out mainly through injuries this campaign. Kaka has been the best of a below par AC Milan team. Are these really the best players of the year or just a collection of the best individual players? And what season were they being based on and does it matter how well you do in a big tournament i.e. Euro 2008, Champions League.

There are of course not many who have performed the same as last season but as the biggest leagues finish at the same time, an award recognising the best at that time will be more representational. Interestingly, John Terry voting as representaive for England had Xavi, Torres and then Ronaldo as his top three, though the latter was first place 136 times anyway.

The votes:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo: 935
2. Lionel Messi: 678
3. Fernando Torres: 203
4. Kaka: 183
5. Xavi: 155
6. Gerrard: 98
7. Eto’o: 58
8. Casillas: 49
9. Iniesta: 37
10. Villa: 37
11. Arshavin: 36
12. Lampard: 33
13. Drogba: 30
14. Ballack: 27
15. Fabregas: 27
16. Ibrahimovic: 26
17. Adebayor: 25
18. Ribery: 23
19. Van Nistelrooy: 14
20. Aguero: 12
21. Terry: 11
22. Buffon: 8
23. Deco: 1

See the full results and the voting recipients at FIFA.com


4 thoughts on “Why Ronaldo deserves the award that makes no sense

  1. ronaldo’s goal tally was incredible, and many of his goals and assists were great, but when it comes to being the ‘best player’ surel;y that has to be someone who regularly delivers vs good opposition. and any honest man can see that ronaldo is almost exclusively quiet vs teams which are good. he still often finds himself with a tap-in or whatever, but not actually a good performance. the best player should be able to beat the best teams (consider henry scoring how many times in big games and how many times did he run top teams ragged (all the fucking time)) and you’ll see that the best defenders have no reason to fear ronaldo because they are better defenders than he is an attacker. his strength is making the most of weaker teams, which is really important, but not the same thing. the BEST can do it against anyone and regularly will, not just once in a while.

    for that reason i don’t think he could possibly be the best player even if he has been the most useful. if ability is the criteria then simply he is not because he isn’t good enough to work the best teams regularly which plenty of other players are.

  2. The PotY award always goes to the most outstanding player of the previous season up to but not including the next season and it’s more of an overall cumulative standard than any one particular performance or competition. If I had to put a timeline on it I would say approximately August-August is considered the span of time to consider a player’s credit. Ronaldo achieved more in the August 07-08 than anyone else. He won the Prem and CL and finished as European Golden Boot. He had a dismal Euro but essentially he has a 2 to 1 win over anyone else because though Spain won the Euros none of them really won anything else of real significance or performed better overall in the 12 month span. It was obvious he was going to win this award but I wouldn’t count on him doing the back-to-back because although United are playing impressively this season, he has not been as influential or prolific as last season.

  3. I THINK that it’s based on last year’s tally. I remember something from last year when Kaka won and everyone was saying that CR7 should’ve gotten the trophy. Someone than stepped up and explained that it was based on last year’s results. Someone correct me if I’m wrong here.

  4. In Australia the greatest player is awarded a BEst and Fairest Medal. It would be interesting to see whether Ronaldo would win such a medal given that it is based on playing the game in the right spirit.

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