Reports: Arshavin deal held up by wage demands

The protracted transfer of Andrei Arshavin has hit another reported twist as the playmaker is said to have asked for higher wages.

It is thought Andrei Arshavin is to be facing making a compensation payment of about £3m to Zenit to smooth his departure and is looking to recoup that money by asking for higher wages. The player is currently Russia’s highest paid player earning around $5.3 million a year (£90,ooo per week).

“A fundamental agreement over the fee in the transfer of the player has been reached between the clubs, subject to a medical,” said Zenit. “But, at the moment, the basic obstacle preventing the transfer going through are Andrei Arshavin’s personal terms. The player and his agent have made it clear to Arsenal that they will require a higher wage, which the management at Arsenal are not prepared to pay. At the moment, Arsenal will only satisfy those demands at a lower transfer fee. This puts the whole deal in doubt.”

It seems a press conference at 2pm will clear matters up, whether this is in fact just paper talk (which seems so fortunately) and is likely that he will sign for the Gunners.


9 thoughts on “Reports: Arshavin deal held up by wage demands

  1. The press conference is now over. Wenger said he doesn’t know anything about the apparent transfer directly too him. He said if something happens the earliest will be Thursday.

  2. do not take this latest claim about Arshavin’s “wage demands” too seriously — remember that this is coming from ZENIT, who have a very poor relationship with Arshavin and who want to make it very difficult for Arshavin to leave.

  3. Is Arshavin the only arsenal target.Please tell me arsenal are looking for other players too.

    I sure hope arsenal dont break their fee structure for this chap. OK he is good. But is not worth enough to be paid as much or more than Gallas,Adebayor or Fabregas. For all we know , he may not even make the first 11 of a fully fit Arsenal team!!

  4. Arshavin was named as the 6th best footballer in the world. I think that means he would certainly make our first XI. He and Rosicky would be on either wing.

    He is good but as yet untested in this or any other top league. We would be able to pay his wage demands if we werent paying so many average players higher than average wages.

  5. He is our only target at the moment. He is a top player but the only reason he weren’t signed is because he has pretty low stamina and his attitude was not the best.

  6. Our first team would ideally have Walcott and Nasri/Rosicky on either wings. Dont think Arshavin can knock off Rosicky/Walcott from their place in the side. And with his lack of stamina as mentioned he may not be as effective in the wings. I think he has played centrally always.

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