Arsenal have not applied for work permit though Wenger is hopeful

Arsenal have not applied for a work permit for Andrei Arshavin but Arsene Wenger remains hopeful a deal will be done by the end of the transfer window.


Asked if Arsenal had agreed a fee with Zenit, Wenger declared: “No, and we have not applied for a work permit yet for Arshavin or anybody else.

“Whether we are close or not has little meaning – it does not matter how close you are, what is important is that you agree. At the moment, we have no agreement with anybody for any transfer.

“We are always confident, we try our best and respect our budget. If we can find an agreement, we will do it, if we cannot we will not overspend what we have planned to do. These kind of stories sometimes develop in the last minute on the final day of the transfer window. It is very difficult to predict.

“I can only give you the way we think on our side. I cannot give you what other people think.”

Reports are positive however that Arshavin is willing to earn less, £2.5m a year as opposed to the £3.5m he originally wanted therefore paving the way for a fee to be agreed.


7 thoughts on “Arsenal have not applied for work permit though Wenger is hopeful

  1. give us a break we have suffered enough with this stories just give us a break and talk about arsenal vs west ham…pliz

  2. I will guys. It’s just false information is going up on the web. I hate atlking about it. This may be the last post of Arshavin before the end of the window.

    I am going to be doing an in depth preview later tonight around 7-8pm. Please check it out. Thanks

  3. All these talk about Arshavin’s transfer is so disgusting! I just can’t be bothered anymore whether he sign or not. Let the yea be yea and the nae be nae.

  4. Friends,Wenger should wake up to the change in the football business and approach the challenge before him to further bring back Arsenal to its glory days.

    You will agree with me that Arsenal have lost the free flow football that we use to be known for and again,we lack expreience in the team.It is very obvious that each time we sell our quality players,Wenger find it difficult to replace such a great player with a quality player the other way.

    Again,it will interest you to know that kolo Toure is the only member of the “Invincibles” still present at Arsenal and wenger has not bothered to bring in quality in the team.Look at what is happening about Arshavin’s case.Other teams will successfully buy quality players without hitches yet,in the case of Arsenal,we only concentrated on him while we have great deficit of a Midfield defender.

    I ambegining to loose the respect I have for wenger unless he begins to do something right here.

    Kindly advise wenger that it is time we look for quality and experience in this team than to keep talking about wage structure that can never be broken.

    Arsenal is not a Junior National team of U17 neither are we the U19 teams as well.

    Arsenal is a respected football club,who has the highest number of supporters globally and fans should be able to get equal value for their hard earned monies.

    We lost Flamini all because of wage structure and we have not been able to get better replacement for him.You can imagine the pain that midfield defence is posing on Arsenal presently.

    Jerry Ozor
    Lagos Nigeria

  5. We can’t live on past glory anymore. The sooner Arsene Wenger, club and fans realized, the better it is. Arsenal used to be spoken of as title contenders for many years by our main rivals like Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool. But now, we are being spoken in different light. We are no longer that good as we like to think we are.

  6. ya about time we wake up aresenal comes first, if wenger cant win
    anything , its best to say goodbye and bring some one who wants to win
    we are not interested how much they saving what we want is glorey come on arsenal

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