Is this the most boring Premier League season so far?

With Arsenal producing their third successive goalless draw and no real star performers this season, is this the dullest Premiership season so far?

Manchester United sit at the top of the Premier League after a 2-1 win over Blackburn. The gap in quality between the sides was evident but United weren’t exactly comfortable; they had a few scares which makes one wonder if the opposition were more adventurous they may have got more out of the game. Rafael on the right had a torrid time against Pedersen while Evans is not yet of Vidic’s quality. With the changes Sir Alex Ferguson made Blackburn had the greatest of chance that any team have had playing United in their record breaking run. The Red Devils have weakness just as any other team and it would be nice to see a manager show more inventiveness rather than succumb to the challenge of facing the league champions.

Arsenal on the other hand produced their third successive goalless draw in the league in what is becoming a common occurrence at the Emirates this season. Sunderland like Bolton, Portsmouth, West Ham and countless other opponents before them, defended with ten men behind the ball. The Black Cat’s showed no adventure to get a goal producing another display of ‘anti-football’ which is ruining the Premiership spectacle. It is understandable why sides are displaying such a tactic, as the amount at stake plus the closeness of the league table are reasons to be cautious but the notion of the Premiership as the most exciting league in the world is no more. In La Liga, Betis were hammered 6-1 by Real Madrid but at least they lost playing for the win while Espanyol, the bottom club defeated Barcelona albeit against ten men.

Yes, Arsenal should have found a way through by showing more variety and dynamism, indeed they had their chances but the understanding from fans is not there. Any team will have trouble breaking down such a stubborn defence (Villa haven’t yet been faced with a similar challenge as of yet and Man Utd have won their last 8 of their last 13 games 1-0) and one must remember the Gunners did break down defensive teams last season playing their passing game though they did have a bit more variety (long balls and crosses) and better movement. The signs are there with Arshavin and Eduardo, the Gunners will get there.

Arsenal’s first half performance was not too bad; Denilson was dictating play while Arshavin showed his magic in the limited opportunities he had. However as mental and physical fatigue kicked in for both sides, the second half was less inspired. One could sense as Van Persie’s chipped effort early on drifted agonisingly past the post it was going to be one of those days. Sunderland can pass the ball as they showed in their only real piece of adventure in the whole match; to get to the corner flag wasting two minutes of the game. Credit to Ricky Sbragia for at least showing some ingenuity as his side defended in a deep compact block and forced Arsenal away from the goal to wide areas. As the full backs vacated the wide areas, the Black Cat’s looked to counter through the channels.

In other games, Aston Villa dropped crucial points against Chelsea while Liverpool once again clawed themselves back from the brink of defeat and produced another draw. Everton’s chances of a UEFA cup place look to be slimming with the unfortunate injury to Arteta.


4 thoughts on “Is this the most boring Premier League season so far?

  1. Yes, this has been a boring season and not just for Arsenal fans. Man U continues to win one goal games while Liverpool continues to draw even more than we do. Some may look at the results and think it’s about parity. Although the middle of the league has improved and no game can be a sure victory, especially away, I think what has led to the closeness of so many games is the bunker mentality so many teams employ these days with 9 players packing back and one lone striker as an outlet. Sunderland was doing that all game and were even taking the ball to the corner with more than 10 minutes left in a tie game in which they could have tried to win. I am starting to enjoy watching Spanish and Italian games more and more as they are much more wide open and you can really see teams trying to compete for three points vs praying for a 0-0 draw.

  2. Absolutely, and its not just Arsenal games… It’s to the point that I watch French League One to get the blend of speed, skill, and physicality that you used to see in the Premiership. I understand the reasons, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I think this is the true way that money is killing the game- overly “tactical” play (where the primary tactic is refusing to take any risk at all) it’s almost like watching Serie A at times.

  3. Have to agree, this season has been pretty lackluster. You’d think that with Villa getting into the top 4 there’d be something more exciting for the neutral to pay attention to but there really isn’t. Lots of 1-0 scorelines and LOTS and LOTS of 0-0 and 1-1 draws. The only really competitive league in Europe is Germany where it’s still not clear just who will win the league. I watch the German, French, Spanish and Italian leagues and find a lot more exciting football in all of them than so far in the PL.

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