Alan Shearer must conjour up all his knowledge from the box to save Newcastle

Alan Shearer finally received call to get off the Match of the Day sofa and become Newcastle manager, depriving us of his tactical acumen but it is his man-management that will really define the club’s status.

It could all just be a big April Fool’s joke except Alan Shearer doesn’t do funny while at Newcastle United everyday is April 1st, effectively rendering the day insignificant. Yes, the Match of the Day pundit but more appropriately, the highest golascorer in Premiership history is to become the Magpies fourth manager in fourteen months.

In his prime Alan Shearer was the allrounded number nine who could bully defences, cross and power in more than the odd goal.  Someone that wouldn’t go amiss in the ever growing dynamic nature of the Premier League and could easily fit in as the lone forward England are looking for. However this is an all together different challenge for Shearer but he has been prepared; sitting on the couch and analysing for Match of the Day.

Alan Shearer is no fool but gaining ones theoretical knowledge as a pundit rather than taking the UEFA Pro badge is surely not the best preparation for such a big job. Van Basten and Klinsmann may be examples of young ex-pro managers making the grade but both took substantial time out to study the game and unlike Ince and Southgate who rushed in, do not base their game on principles.

Still if the measure of football is approximately 33 % mental, 33 % technical-tactical and 33 % physical then it is the former which will determine the outcome of Newcastle. They have tough games at Chelsea and Liverpool but also potential relegation six-pointers against Portsmouth, Middlesbrough and Stoke. The Magpies showed against Arsenal and Man United they have the talent but it is the management of talent that Newcastle need greatest at the moment.


8 thoughts on “Alan Shearer must conjour up all his knowledge from the box to save Newcastle

  1. I think it is a desperate move by Newcastle United Football Club. They deserve it for getting rid of Keegan who at least would have guaranteed them a mid table position at worst. I’ve heard they have got Dowie who hasn’t got as a coach and he is not very impressive in the Premiership either. You couldn’t make this up, I think it will be harsh on Shearer and the fans of Newcastle if they relegated.

    It cannot be denied, they gave Utd and Arsenal a run for their money but defensively they will need to sharpen up a lot. They have good attacking players but Shearer’s job will be to tighten the defense which sometimes tends to fall apart. It will be tough and thank goodness I’m a Gunner not a Magpie!

  2. As good as Shearer was let’s not get too carried away at his goal prowess since a significant number of his goals were penalties. If he’s as good a manager as he is a pundit, then the Toon army will definitely be marching into The Championship. This is the Tyneside version of Gareth Southgate, except it’s a worse team with a terrible owner. Looking at the Newcastle roster over the past few season gives a clear indication of how poor of a scouting ability the managers have. Colocinni? He only ever looked competent at Deportivo because andrade was one of the best defenders at the time. Luque? He couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn. I don’t expect Shearer to be very different. Ashley essentially is trying to buy himself some credibility by arranging for the hero to make a return – his gamble will be big and his loss gigantic if it fails. funnily enough his best time as a player wasn’t in a Newcastle shirt, it was as a Blackburn player – I wonder how much the Geordies want to remember that.

  3. this is great
    wont be seeing so much of him on motd
    newcastle’s problem seems to be fragile confidence imo
    and i seriously doubt shearer is the sort who can give them that confidence
    he’s just another “tough guy” who will jump on them when they make mistakes
    their best hope is that owen comes back, and i think he Will perform under shearer (hes obviously a good player anyway) and he gets some goalscoring form. this can have a positive affect on the overall team confidence

    WC – luque was one of the best strikers in la liga and colocinni was great before he went to newcastle.
    these two are the latest in a long line of really good players who mysteriously fail when they go to newcastle
    i think its partly because theyr not really suited to the newcastle style, and newcastle fc’s affection for these “tough-guy” managers

  4. Why all the Newcastle news? This is supposed to be a Arsenl blog with Arsenal information.

    Thank you

    1. Hi, I don’t specialise in news. This is an Arsenal blog therefore you would expect mainly Arsenal news and rightly so, but at the moment, rather than write about stuff that’s already on other Arsenal blogs, it’s better to talk about something different and more interesting. In my defence the last post about Owen was not about Newcastle!

      I have some good Arsenal editorials coming up, so keep reading Newcastle Column!

  5. @Davi

    Perhaps a closer look at both Colocinni and Luque will reveal they were never that good. Both are Deportivo cast-offs and both had good timing in that they made the first team at the right time. Deportivo has been going downhill ever since the days of Roy Makaay. They were previously a huge club and were living off reputation because as recent seasons have shown, they’re on the decline. Colocinni has been terrible for years – he is just like Silvestre – looks brilliant as long as Rio Ferdinand was beside him. In Colocinni’s case it was Jorge Andrade. As for Luque, he was barely a dozen goal a season striker – hardly prolific for a forward – maybe average or slightly above but definitely wasn’t worth the hype and money Newcastle paid for him. He scored some important goals, but hardly someone who you would rely on to bang them in regularly.

    The simple fact is Mike Ashley just doesn’t care anymore and this is his last ditch effort at some small salvation that Shearer can save them from relegation. Can he inspire the team? Probably. However, inspiration only lasts so long and only does so much, the rest in the team’s ability to actually play football and that capability runs thin in that squad. One of Shearer’s worst scenarios will come to pass because his first game is againsT Chelsea. Even with Chelsea being rocky, they are still far better than Newcastle.

  6. I think this is a good move for newcastle. I just cant think of anything better at this time for them. They have played well and dont really need to change their style. Owen coming back is great news for them.
    I think what they lacked against Arsenal was the belief to win. Infact if Martins had scored that penalty , i think it would be a different result. Shearer ,importantly ,will take the spotlight out of the players. And this help them to focus better. Thier defence needs to shape up though.

  7. It is a desparate move – but it might just work. He is a Newcastle man and the feeling this will generate around the club could lift the players to new heights!

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