Little Mozart ready to bring the creative harmony back to Arsenal

Tomas Rosicky’s return will allow Arsenal to play a more fluid and expansive game again after the relative failures of last season.

It was October 2002 when many Arsenal fans would have first seen Tomas Rosicky in action. A fresh faced Czech midfielder ran Arsenal ragged in a  Champions League match, orchestrating Dortmund’s play from within the hole as the German side condemned the Gunners to their fourth successive defeat. Rosicky then scored two, a free kick and a penalty and if Arsenal scouts weren’t decided on his talents they were then.

In fact, his eventual transfer to Arsenal seems somewhat inevitable. As a teenager, Rosicky fell in love with the club upon reading Nick Hornby’s fantastic novel about the club, Fever Pitch. His first professional club, Sparta Prague were also inspired by the Gunners, as then club president Dr. Petrik decided to base the side’s colours on Arsenal’s red current strip and has been the same ever since.

Rosicky learnt his football on the sand and asphalt pitches in Prague during the communist-era and his mastery of the Czech possession style made him the country’s most exciting prospect. “It [Sparta] was the most important step in my career. When I was 17 they gave me the first opportunity to play in the league, when I was 18 I played in the Champions League and when I was 19 I was in the national team.” Fans may have been more forgiving had he moved to Arsenal due to the historical reference but as it was Dortmund decided to shell out €29 million (£18million) for his services, making him Bundesliga’s most expensive player. At Borussia, he was given the affectionate nickname of ‘Little Mozart’, pulling the strings in the playmaker role and has a similar affect for his national team.

Midfielder Lubo Lapsansky, now playing in Austrailia describes Czech football as “always about playing short balls, a lot of movement off the ball, trying to create the space for the players for the ball to be played into. It’s a fairly tactical game. Players are required in any position, and need to be technically smart in advance. You drag the players out, and open up the space behind and you start attacking. You learn your patterns, you don’t panic, you keep the ball till things open up. That’s pretty much what Czech football is all about.”

Arsene Wenger shares the same philosophy and while Rosicky plays out wide, his importance to Arsenal could not be greater. “We are a team who wants to play in a mobile game so you have to give them freedom to go where they feel they will be dangerous,” Wenger says. “We have no forbidden ways for our creative players as long as they respect when we lose the ball that they share the job well.”

The deployment of creative midfielders out wide owes much to Arsenal’s pass and move style. They missed Rosicky last year as well as the departing Hleb and as a result the free flowing football was only seen sporadically. Indeed because of the five early league defeats, Arsene Wenger against his desires, reigned in some of that creative freedom that makes Arsenal. He promises that is not to be the case this year; Arshavin, Nasri, Eboue, Walcott and Traore complete what is a varied selection of wide players. Tomas Rosicky will not be rushed but the return to the symphony of another one of Arsenal’s multiple conductors could not be greater music to Wenger’s ears.


11 thoughts on “Little Mozart ready to bring the creative harmony back to Arsenal

  1. One of the biggest reasons the midfield had little structure or genuine organization, particularly in offensive moves, was due to the absence of Rosicky. I still think he is criminally under rated, even by his own fans, making jokes of him being a ‘Rosick-note’ or of other ‘allegations’ why he was out forso long. As someone who has seen him at his pomp at the Siduna Park in Dortmund, he is the best attacking midfielder the club has, able to make the pass and direct traffic.

    I’m still a bit sad Arsenal rarely play with a number 10 who directs traffic, if we did, we’d see the real best of Rosicky, for Dortmund, he rarely was lost for ideas… wonder Pienaar had to leave, he came as his replacement and was not at his level.

    We could have a colourful hymn sheet this season, Russian orchestra-Spanish Flamenco-Czech Concerto-Brazilian Samba-Cameroonian Makossa!

    1. Totally agree about rosicky. Pienaar is a really good player. Great spot by moyes to get him at everton, but rosicky is one of the worlds top players when hes fit

  2. Rosicky’s wizadry paired up with Arshavin genius and Cesc vision, unbeatable, expect Untouchable class!!

  3. Good news, Nasri’s out for three months…

    So much for having options to not have to rely on Rosicky, he surely has to start the season as first choice now (I would’ve put him in ahead of Nasri anyway, but Rosicky’s never played five consecutive games for Arsenal apparently, not good).

  4. yes, i have noticed that arsenal have run out of ideas in the attacking half of the pitch. however, as soon as fabregas came out of injury, they seemed to gel perfectly, and his creative flick-ons, combination with walcott and co. were great highlights of hte late end of the season. however, those were the games in which they were given enough space to work magic, to the complete and utter destruction of sides like villareal. what rosicky brings to the equation is not just the creativity to deal with games like these – as we have already shown that we can deal – but also the vision and inventiveness to deal with sides like newcastle and bolton, who will park the bus. his long range howlers are just a cherry on top.
    like i’ve said many times, wenger should definitely be buying this summer, but not necessarily forwards. he should be looking at depth and experience in the DM position, as to likes of melo and others. the benefits are multifaceted, as the older players will instruct the younger ones and the squad will be more consistent, especially if said new arrival stays healthy.
    the squad already has depth of the creative attacking midfielder type. we need more defending depth.

  5. Rosicky news is def not good news really feelin bit down bout dat but I hope da silver lining will be dat Wenger will get a few more players in if he was deciding not to.Great article on Rosicky and yeah I do think he is underrated becoz I really think his a genius I really hope finally we can reap the benefits of being patient thru out his injury spell
    Hope Nasri is back in less than three months was really expectin a lot from him

  6. I think we have the balance and the bench this time around. It was sad to hear abt Nasri’s injury. I sure hope the players be more injury-free this season. That is a big ask. It is important also that we hold on to Eboue and Traore. I think they will have a big task this season. Even if their opportunities are few this season it is most important for them and the team that they take maximum use of them.
    Also I am of the opinion that the pressure on the much talked about CDM position should be lesser this time around with Rosicky back as I think he is one of the best at keeping the ball…’Czech’ style …wat say?

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