Arsenal Analysis and Tactics

The goals, the refereeing decisions and the mistakes, ultimately decide the outcome of the match – that’s the usual argument. However, football is played on the pitch and to assume such solitary factors are the only things that matter, renders the rest of the game useless. Which is an absurd argument. That’s why The Arsenal Column serves to exist; to analyse the pattern of play, the tactics, as well as the individual factors which prove crucial in deciding the final result.

With the use of chalkboards, statistics, videos and quotes, we aim to highlight the key points in the game and offer editorials detailing tactical trends of Arsenal and world football.


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10 thoughts on “About

  1. hey sup mate?! well i don’t know if u remember me but i had asked for some help from you a month back when i started my blog Arsene Knows Best. I wanted your opinion of it right now. Any suggestions and comments so I can make amendments and improvements…

  2. I think this is a very good blog, especially for the match analysis sections. Wonder why it is not popular among gooners. Something to do with the newsnow?

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  4. love your work. i started and immediately stopped a blog myself (only one post!). i don’t speak English that well, so it is a bit of a joke, but if you wanna read it it’s here :


    it’s about how a player enters “the zone”, and why it can’t be maintained. it all came from me thinking about different types of memory functions in the brain.

    the blog and what is in, well… it is all very, let’s say, it’s all very arrogant. do take it seriously (:


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