Cesc Fabregas: What type of captain will he be?

Cesc Fabregas has been named as the new Arsenal captain, replacing William Gallas. The decision has has been mainly met with a positive response but what does it mean to be captain and what qualities will he bring?

Thee three most successful captains in the Premiership recently have been John Terry, Steven Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand. Terry had already beaten off the mentioned two to become Fabio Capello’s England captain with his motivational skills, performance on the pitch and influence on the team off the pitch and on the training ground a huge factor. The Chelsea skipper famously organised a paint balling session after the Carling Cup defeat to Tottenham to recover team spirit.

Rio Ferdinand follows a similar mould though not permanent team captain, his command on the pitch his great strength.

Steven Gerrard is then maybe the captain Cesc Fabregas is most like. He is not the type of player who talks so much but his command on the pitch and performances, garnering respect from teammates.

The captaincy will most likely affect Cesc’s performances on the pitch hopefully for the better after a start below his usual standards. His determination and commitment to winning the match looking to rub on more than his ability to motivate by shouting. Of course the Spaniard is capable of doing that it is not his style but something that captaincy may change perhaps. He has already got the respect of his team mates despite his relative age.

Off the pitch, it looks like Gallas’ and Arsenal’s reputation has been damaged more than team spirit. The players will come out stronger and one where leadership will be more developed throughout the players rather than focused on one individual though Fabregas’ influence will be the biggest.

Suggestions have been made the captaincy is designed to keep Fabregas from being tempted to a move to Barcelona but it has not been in the new skipper’s mind to leave the club in the near future having signed a long term contract. His frustrations of a weaker challenge this season further inspiring him to succeed with Arsenal having been made captain. He has a strong mentality and the pressure of captaincy will not affect him much.

Fabregas represents Arsenal; coveted by every big club in the world and can only get better. The captaincy will improve as a player and a person. Who knows he may become the greatest skipper in the club’s history?

“It is a great honour for me to captain one of the biggest clubs in the world,” said Fabregas on the club’s official website. “It is a proud moment. I know it’s a big responsibility but together with my team-mates, I know we have the spirit and commitment to get back to winning ways and fulfil our potential.”

This is what Arsene Wenger has said after naming Cesc Fabregas as skipper.

“Fabregas will be the captain, permanently. I do not have to explain to you why. I believe the captain is the voice of the club towards the outside, and is one of the leaders of the team. However, I do not believe in just one man in the dressing-room who sorts out all of the problems. A successful team is a shared leadership inside the dressing room. Fabregas will be one of the leaders, but not the only one.”

Gallas also has a future at this club starting in Kyiv where he will probably strat.

“No, I do not regret making him captain in the first place. William is a player that I rate and a man I rate. I have a big respect for him. He was working as captain in a very difficult media environment,” said Wenger.”He was under big pressure from the press and at some stage you do not want that high pressure to affect him or the team. But for the man and player I have a big respect. I cannot stop suggestions. For me he is a player who is committed to the club and can be even stronger as a player.”

“He took all the problems of the team to his heart. It can be a new start for him and make him stronger.”


I just wanted to voice my feelings of that I have ready from many people that Arsene Wenger is arrogant. I feel that is far beyond that case but even so when people believe in something it is hard to fully change their mind without real reason. No one can tell him any realistic targets with the added quality he could ahve signed and the ones he did try cost upwards of £15million. Inler probably one of the cheapest decided to stay at Udinese when interest was well known. Wenger along with his scouts will probably find a couple of gems which will go some way in dispelling some of the criticisms of his transfer policies. The start to the season has been unacceptable but the season isn’t over and when it is, we will know what was needed. For now the club can be constructively criticised to improve but supported also.


4 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas: What type of captain will he be?

  1. Nice to see Cesc as captain. Hopefully the older players give him respect, especially since he’s so young and the leader of players much older than you.
    A bit like me; a young supervisor with staff twice my age having to take orders from me. Nice. I’m a good guy though.

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