Should Arsenal be worried about Aston Villa?


Aston Villa climbed above Arsenal by one point into fourth place after the Gunners drew with Middlesbrough while Villa beat Bolton. However Arsene Wenger still harbours hope of the Premier League title while Aston Villa are seen to be chasing just a fourth placed finish despite being in front.

Arsenal were defeated by Villa at home 2-0 but the Gunners showed how good they can be by already beating Chelsea and Man Utd with Liverpool next. Former Tottenham manager Martin Jol feels the Birmingham side are better than Arsenal already and will claim the pricless fourth spot. Big words you may think but should fans be worried?

“Aston Villa are better than Arsenal and next season Villa will be playing in the Champions League.” Martin Jol Hamburg manager

It says enough of Arsenal’s quality that most teams play defensively against the Gunners and indeed also did the Villains. It will be interesting if they and likely that they will, apply the same tactics of counter attacking Arsenal when the two clash before January. Playing their natural game Aston Villa are likely to be beaten, underlying Arsenal’s superior ability.

With Young and Milner on the flanks they will cause trouble for any team and as they are young, are ever improving. The former put in the same bracket as Messi by his manager and although in terms of individual skill he is not there yet, in terms of the contribution made in matches there is a case. Milner’s industry yet to be fully appreciated. He is one of the most determined players; talented cross country runner, single-handicaped golfer and teetotal.

Gareth Barry, Gabriel Agbonlahor, Curtis Davies, Martin Laursen are other influential players. The team looks likely to push Arsenal all the way this season, every game ever important, not letting any team getting in their way of acheiving the semingly impossible fourth place spot.

The make up of the squad is unlikely to change over the coming seasons as the young English players will improve however there are still frailties in the squad but have the money to address these. The 0-0 draw against Fulham highlighting their lack of firepower and two goals and the defensive cover can be suspect at times, making for what is likely to be more than the fair share of points dropped.

Arsenal are improving slowly and next year is expected to be a greater step if not already this season. The potential is huge but the threat from sides around them especially with cash to spare could be an even bigger. Manchester City and Tottenham the most likely to push on next season with Villa.

The match against Liverpool may answer some questions about Arsenal and in turn ask a few. Breaking down a compact and tactically driven (Liverpool article coming soon) Liverpool side will ask why doesn’t this happen against ‘smaller’ sides and the mentality of the players. There is more motivation for this game which needs to be applied against other sides. Sometimes even belief goes beyond ability….


6 thoughts on “Should Arsenal be worried about Aston Villa?

  1. We all know that Jol dislikes Arsenal, so why do we take his criticsm seriously? Villa is simply not good enough, they will fade with time, just like Hull. They caught us at a bad time, we had injuries and all. They just got lucky. It will be a whole new ball game next term, most of Arsenal’s injured players will be back and there will be some new players joining the team. Arsenal still have a good chance of winning the title. A win on Sunday will put us just 5points behind Liverpool, and we all know that 5 points is nothing

  2. The only thing we should be worried about is negativity from so called ‘supporters’ who are only undermining confidence, which is the only thing our team lack lack at the moment. Villa (though fair play to what they’ve done) will collapse sooner or later, this time last year Man City were flying high in the top four

  3. Should we be afraid of Aston Villa? Yes and no.

    Yes in that they have a boss who I admired from his Celtic days who can manage at a top level. Their squad is impressive and like us, mostly young, but the few experienced heads are in the right places. However at the same time they suffer the same kind of on and off problems we’re having this season. They look majestic one week and the next week will lose or pull out some last minute draw against teams. They’re lacking the same consistency as us and really what has us even up in the table is the fact that we pegged back the other big boys (hopefully add a Kop scalp to the collection this weekend).

    We have really good players but they’re just not always good at the same time. For example, I was highly critical of Adebayor early in the season because he looked sluggish and uncaring. Now he looks hungry and is working hard. Meanwhile Nasri impressed early in the season and since the Man Utd game has fallen off. When we can get all our players motivated at the same time and get back the likes of Walcott, Rosicky and Eduardo from injury we can start to build up a little momentum.

    However Wenger still needs to take an honest evaluation and realize that a change or two in January is the only way to re-enforce our place as a Big Four club. We will always be a club to contend with but I just don’t want the Bayern Munich fate of a couple seasons ago having to play UEFA Cup or slipping down the table to be the wake up call we need. I’d like the problems to be recognize before it happens.

  4. In the last few seasons we have seen the premier league leaders really pulling away after Christmas. And Chelsea and especially Man Utd are great at doing that . Eg. Last season. Infact Man Utd have always had a better second half of the season. FOr Arsenal it has been the reverse. Unless Arsenal does somethin to buck this trend,i dont see any great fight for the title.
    But i seriously think the fight for 4 th place will be wat this will turn out to. Saying that , i dont think that Aston Villa have the depth in the squad to pull away after Christmas. Arsenal players coming back form injury will help a lot (esp. Dudu) and i hope to see some quality signings in January.

  5. I see no reason why we should be afraid of Villa. They are 1 point against us and we will most likely beat them at the park therefore there is not point. I am not thinking about the fourth position right now anyway, what’s in my mind right now is how the club can win the champions league.

    I am one of those who believe we can not win the league again ( but that will change if we beat Liverpool, Portsmouth and Villa) but I sincerely believe we have a good chance in the Champions league even if we draw barca tomorrow.

    This team is good almost at par ( don’t critize me, I just said almost) with the inviscibles but this team lacks the winning metality and the leadership quality.

  6. Villa don’t yet have the mentality of a top 4 side, although they are a very good team we have seen before how hard it is for teams to break into the top 4 and stay there.

    Villa do pose a very real threat, but it’s up to Arsenal to show that we still have the quality. I think we do, but we aren’t consistent enough at the moment.

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