Arsenal 1-0 Portsmouth: Tactical View

An uninspiring win over Portsmouth courtesy of a goal from William Gallas stretched Arsenal’s longest sequence of league matches this season without defeat to seven games. A miserable stat but at least Wenger seemed to better understand his team from the win.

Without regurgitating the Match Analysis there were some mildly interesting stats to better analyse the game. The above average touch positions of each player shows the play got rather congested in front of the Portsmouth box. Without any real wide men who and crosses in the box, the passing around the area suited Pompey.

Getting support is a more current tactical trend but most of all it requires good movement. Arsene Wenger wanted these triangles hence moving Bendtner to the left and Nasri more central but in the end the movement was still similar to before. Using Barcelona as an example they look to break down the opponenets defence by getting midfielders adavncing past the forwards into the box. There were some positive signs but it seems tiredness was affecting certain players, not to mention a lack of ingenuity.

It was interesting to see the partnership of Denilson and Diaby and the latter showed that maybe there is an opportunity for him and Fabregas to play together when the captain is fit. His passing which has come under some scrutiny seemed decent but in the end lacking creativity as he made 1 key pass (Nasri 5, Denilson 2).

Most of the Gunners ball winning came from the intercept but the Frenchman showed another one of his strengths; his tackling. He made three while Denilson zero and Ramsey one. Denilson tended to pass sideways or for others to create, playing the ball to Diaby 9 times, Clichy 13 and Sagna 7, while his partner only passed back to him once.

The importance in the full backs to create width was evident as Sagna and Clichy made close to 70 passes while the bulk of the play was down the right with Sagna. Vela came on and provided 5 crosses more than any other player which surely gave Wenger soemthing to think about concerning new signings

Hope the stats provided some interest in what was otherwise a not very exciting match.


3 thoughts on “Arsenal 1-0 Portsmouth: Tactical View

  1. Hey,

    good analysis. when i watch a game i notice stuff like that too. all the flank to flank of mid to def passing done by denilson. the lack of quality crosses or crosses of any sort coming in. poor positioning by some players.

    arsene needs to do this sort of analysis to see the players we need. it is eveident that some of our players are just not being that efficient and are not good enough, and we need more reinforcements who can come in and do the job when needed.

    if denilson makes 83 or 84% pass rate, but of those 84 balls, 10 are unnecessary passes, 30 are from the center circle horizontally to one of the flanks, 30 are passes to a straight pass to a defender,and 14 are forward of any sort..if arsene is a business man, why is he paying denilson to do it? many people EASILY want to do it, are fully CAPABLE to do that job with more heart and determination and probably showing the same skill for FREE!!

    or bacary and clichy. im not dodging them. they are quality fast players who do their job and play their role. but they cant cross the ball worth shit! we get maybe 5 (if that) quality crosses in to the box that are capable of being worked with to score a goal.

    look at teams like manu or chelsea, barca..high crosses, low, hard driven balls..all around quality crossing accurately in the area which lead to great chances. he dont do shit…

    last game, only vela was putting the ball in, and he came on for like half hour.. we need quality airial ball movement from the flanks. i mean cesc and nasri..they can pick out players on the run and in transition, or a dead ball, but no one can do it well in the flow of game in movement from the flanks into the box regularly…

    ade and bendtner.. they arent doing shit, bendtner is a striker, he should be at the box, not running around the midfield. they should be getting balls to their chest are knocked in front of them on the through ball a lot more than they have been as of late..they are strikers get open for the run, stop walking around and doing nothing looking like apes. they only hussle when they seem to get the ball from outside the touchline and hand it over to the goalie.

    we need some changes fast!! new new years resolution time arsene!

  2. Your insulting comments on others blogs about their match analysis leave a lot to be desired about your blog itself. Gooners should stick together not slag off each others work. Let your articles speak for themselves. Up the Arsenal!

  3. That wasn’t me. I don’t know what website you are referring to and I haven’t really advertised on many other Gooner sites. If I comment I usually leave a relevant comment to the article.

    Edited: I found the site in question. I have put up a comment on there. Thanks for the heads up if unintended.

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