Arshavin decision due on Monday + Arsenal to trial PSP replays

Zenit St Petersburg have lowered their price for Andrei Arshavin, Arsenal are to trial replays on the Sony PSP while Emile Heskey’s mobility has been signed rather than his goalscoring ability.


1. A meeting between the board members has seen the Russian club lower their asking price for Andrei Arshavin but it is thought still not the same as the £12m plus bonuses Arsenal are said to have offered. Arsenal received a fax on Friday night last night from Maxim Mitrofanov, Zenit’s general director containing the “final offer of my board with a massive discount from the 25 million euros we wanted last summer.” Either way a decision made will be made by Monday if the playmaker will come, the deadline given by Arsenal.

“I told Arsenal already that we don’t accept the £12m and they know it very well,” he added.”If we were very close to each other, if it was a similar price, then we would need a meeting to talk about it.” Arsenal have already agreed personal terms so should the decision be positive then the deal should be completed swiftly.

Arsenal are th only club interested at the moment though Zenit are holding out for a higher price and hoping either Man City or Tottenham will join the hunt. “Several other clubs are interested in him, who haven’t yet issued an official approach, but who are ready to do so.”

Zenit’s boss Dick Advocat has also confirmed a deal is yet to be agreed but thinks it is likely that Arshavin will move.“He [Arshavin] understands if they [Zenit] will take the right decision and sell him, there will just not be time to stay fit [if he doesn’t train]. It is therefore necessary for Andrei to train, here in Dubai.

“Negotiations are continuing. I know that there will be a decision on on his departure in the next two days.”

UPDATE: According to Sport Express, Zenit have now issued an ultimatum until Saturday evening. “If Arsenal don’t accept our terms, then Arshavin will not be sold to them,” Zenit general director Maksim Mitrofanov told Sport Express. “In any case this will be resolved by Saturday evening.”

2. Within the next 18 months, fans attending Arsenal soccer games should be able to watch replays of goals or controversial tackles via their PSP. A Sony developed application will allow fans to watch live video from the game as well as replays and video and all sorts of statistics and data.

Fans attending English soccer club Arsenal’s games could be able to watch replays of goals or contentious tackles on Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) devices by the end of next season.

The Premier League club’s commercial director Adrian Ford said a Sony-developed application would allow fans to watch live streaming video of a game, along with data and statistics, and give the ability to watch near-instant replays.

The personalised system had been tested and could be rolled within 18 months, Ford said in an interview with Reuters TV.

Sony Europe’s director of retail, transport and venues Eric Siereveld said personalised video was the next technological step for Arsenal’s state-of-the-art Emirates Stadium, and it could even allow supporters to create in-game communities.

“This device will brings an extra dimension to the game with information and statistics,” he told Reuters TV.

3. Emile Heskey’s mobility for a man of his size has been appreciated once again as Aston Villa have completed a move for the forward. His performances for England showed how useful he can be as he works tirelessly, bullying defenders and linking play with his back to goal. However the striker is not known for his goalscoring prowess so it will be up to the Aston Villa midfielders to provide that threat more than ever. In a one man attack he can be useful especially with Villa’s runners from midfield but if he  becomes isolated then his impact will drop.

This poses the question, how many strikers do clubs need? Many top clubs do not play with two out and out strikers and if, as it signals, Villa go to a 4-4-2 then it may mean they suffer defensively. If so then it is more likely Heskey will be dropped because of his not-as-good goalscoring ability.


3 thoughts on “Arshavin decision due on Monday + Arsenal to trial PSP replays

  1. There’s no more fishing to be done after this I think. If we don’t get him we will look for others as always but he’s probably our only real target. We have a good squad so lets just wait and see.

  2. it seems after all those news signaling to arshavin’s transfer to arsenal, it wont happen now:( it feels as if a player has left arsenal!
    lets hope wenger moves on quickly and goes for another quality attacking player…though it now seems unlikely that any player will be added to the squad dis month:(

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